Great work at IED Barcelona

Yesterday morning I had some of the best results in the classes I’ve been teaching at IED Barcelona lately. The subject is “Fashion editorial office”, with students from second year of the Fashion and Marketing Communication 3-year course. I’m glad to share some of them here.

They had to find an editorial and look for the story behind it. Then, to propose a different story using the same images. Finally, telling the original story with different images.

It was an exercise to really understand the basic role of an editor when editing viusal material, and how can you tell a good story with the means you have. Some of them are really awesome, one of the teams even wrote a poem to tell the story… In some of them you will find some missing information (it was an oral presentation) but nevertheless, the images they selected are really interesting…

NOTE: These productions (assignments) are for EDUCATIONAL USE only. All the rights of the analized images belong to their authors and publishers. If anyone feels that this is not a proper use of their material, please contact us and we will remove it immediately.

alice in wonderland

1920’s editorial

Presentation editorial


Fash edit

EDITORIAL OFFICE by Manu, Alejandra & Angela


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