Mia Jacobsen from… India – Part II

Mia Jacobsen was the first -ever-contributor to Aroundbarcelona while she lived in this city. She´s back, sharing experiences from around the world. Missmiajacobsen.blogspot.com

South India – A break from India.

A place where backpackers put their dirty feet in the sand and flush away the impressions from a chaotic and hectic North India.

A place where people go to clean their head, to find themselves or to get a detox from reality.

A place where stories are written and where dreams come true.

Welcome to Goa – Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is a beach that stretches between Patnem & Agonda beach in South India. With exotic flavors and a spiritual surroundings people are drawn there for chillout, yoga and fun.

Its vivid & alive in the daytime. Indians are nearly drowning in the water due to all the clothes their wearing. It’s a funny contrast to our little group of north Europeans lying half naked further up on the beach, shitscared to come home pale.

People are walking up and down the beach day and night. They carry such interesting stories, that you can see letters fall in the sand as they pass you. I was privileged to meet new friends from all over the world whom all inspired me in different ways. One of the most romantic and breathtaking stories must be how my dear friend, the rebel and uncensored sikh, Amerjit Singh met his wife, the spiritual and beautiful Colombian girl Catalina Lopez.

Three years ago Bobby was hanging out with his friends in one of the beach bars at Palolem beach called CUBA. Just when his friends was about to leave Bobby spotted an interesting and quite exotic girl at the other side of the bar. He walked over in his shorts, let his long uncut hair play in the wind and did a dramatic entrance. With his charming smile & cheesy lines he caught Catalinas attention at once. Catalina was backpacking and practicing yoga around India and had now come to Palolem to chill out for a while. Why not have a chat with a interesting Punjabi? After a few lines exchanged Bobby looked at Catalina and said “what if I asked you to marry me right now?” Catalina laughed and said “go ahead”.

A summer romance evolved to real love and big sacrifices were done. Catalina moved from Colombia to Birmingham and today her new name is Satraj Kaur. She is baptized and married with the lovely Punjabi man Amerjit Singh. When I met them again in Palolem, catalina was open and happy to tell me more about Sikhism which is the youngest religion in the world. It is a very warm and welcoming religion but it also requires a more strict way of living. Here are the five sacred sikh symbols that a sikh should follow, love and worship.

  1.  The hair – God gave it to you for a reason, the reason is unknown but you should not met with Gods word
  2.  Bracelet – Its like a marriage ring/commitment to God, but at the same time reminds you not to do bad.
  3. Underwear – Unsexy and tight up in a certain knot, this knot is a symbol that the only one that should unlock this is yourself or your loved one
  4. Knife – This so that you are always prepared to serve right
  5. Comb – It´s necessary to keep the hair clean and tidy. A Sikh must comb his hair twice a day and tie his turban neatly.

Not wearing sexy underwear or shaving the legs has ofcourse been challenging for Catalina, but she strongly believes in the five K’s, and as the wife of one of the “ambassadors” of Sikhism she will always be looked at as sexy, attractive, feminine and cute.

Bobby and Cat are now expecting their first child, let’s hope the little wonder gets the heart of his parents and sees the world as they do.


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  1. catalina / Satraj Kaur

    Mia your words are so true and beautiful!! I am really impressed as how you could capture our very long story..

    I hope more people of the world are inspired by our story, which in short says that there are no obstacles for love! and also that in today’s world we need more tolerance for other religions and views. People should not be arguing or figthing on the name of religion or God. As all religions are just different paths to the same God.

    Lots of love for my beautiful friend Mia!

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